VIDEO: Franck Ribery highlights

Franck Ribery, a.k.a. Bilal Yusuf Mohammed, is one of the best and most successful soccer players in the world. The 5-foot-7 winger has won four championships in Germany’s top pro league (Bundesliga) and claimed one UEFA Champions League title since joining Bayern Munich in 2007. And as a member of the French national team, Ribery helped his squad to a second-place finish in the FIFA World Cup in 2006 — the same year he converted to Islam.

While his stats don’t always jump off the page, Ribery makes a habit of being on the winning side. In American football, he’d be similar to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. And in contrast to his movie tough-guy visage — punctuated by the icy glare he shows on the field and the prominent scar crossing his right cheek — Ribery’s skills with the ball are graceful and precise. Here are some of his highlights from this season:

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