African soccer stars shine light on ebola workers

While recent cases of racial injustice stemming from the use of deadly force by police have prompted the return of the “activist athlete” to mainstream America’s radar, not every issue addressed by the politically and socially conscious sports star is as polarizing.

In West Africa, the outbreak of the ebola virus is something that pretty much everyone agrees is a problem that needs a solution. And a group of athletes, including two Muslim athletes, are lending their voices to the support effort.

This video, part of a campaign titled “We’ve Got Your Back,” shows a handful of African soccer pros shining a light on the medical workers who are fighting to stop the spread of ebola. Among these activist athletes are Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast) of Manchester City in England’s Premier League and Kei Kamara (Sierra Leone) of the Columbus Crew in the USA’s Major League Soccer, two practicing Muslims.

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