Video: New Yorkers talk about Islam, and it’s scary

This is why we can’t ever stop talking about hot-button topics like race, religion and politics in mixed company.

As uncomfortable as the conversations might get, they’re too necessary to sweep under the rug, because too many people are blissfully ignorant about the world around them. And that ignorance can be dangerous in the hands of the wrong influences.

Some Muslims believe that most non-Muslims know enough about Islam that they wouldn’t blindly allow negative stereotypes put forth by any random source to shape their perception of Islam. They’re wrong, and this video is proof. This isn’t from the backwoods. The people here live in the most diverse city in the United States. They’re young and old, students and professionals, men and women of varying races. Some of them have Muslim friends. At least one of them is even related to Muslims, and for the most part they know nothing about Islam and Muslims.

So don’t stop the conversations. It doesn’t have to be an argument. Doesn’t have to be a debate. Just the simple sharing of information. If you’re Muslim, talk to non-Muslims about your religion. If you’re a Republican, talk to Democrats about your politics. Whatever race you are, talk to people who aren’t that same race about your race. Keep the conversation going. Otherwise we get stuff like this.

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